5 Biggest Mistakes Even Experienced Recruiters Commit

Recruiters Mistake

In today’s candidate driven market, hiring the perfect person for a job is no easy task. If you ask any recruiter he would agree that this field is filled with pressure and competition. With many similar job openings, recruiters try to hire the same people for the same positions. Experience is key when it comes to determining who the perfect candidate will be. But even the most experienced recruiters commit some mistakes. Don’t you agree?

Here are a few common mistakes that are committed:

Mistake 1: Writing a Poor Job Description

It is very important to describe the job accurately and honestly in any advertisement. When you write a job description be sure to describe the role in terms of overall purpose and highlight the key areas of responsibility. Job descriptions tell the candidate how the job is going to be and what kind of candidate you are looking for. If you do not have an accurate job description, you will only be wasting your own time interviewing the wrong people.

Mistake 2: Being Presumptuous

Experienced recruiters would have conducted hundreds of interviews and hence their life can get a little mundane and repetitive at times. They would have probably gone through stacks and stacks of resumes with different faces having the same achievements and aspirations. After a point the entire process becomes dull and boring for the recruiter who has seen it all. When this happens as a recruiter you may have the tendency to become complacent and not listen to your potential hires. Overconfidence in predicting the outcome of any interview may not result in a hire.

Mistake 3: Interrupting Candidates

Interrupting a candidate is another common mistake that many experienced recruiters commit. Since they have a lot of experience, they tend to develop a certain stubbornness when it comes to anything relating to their field.This may result in them interrupting candidates during an interview. Every recruiter must have the skills of a good listener and value each candidate with care and attention.

Mistake 4: Overconfident Multitasker

Experienced recruiters often develop a level of overconfidence in their capability to multitask, which can often decrease the person’s ability to focus on a task at hand. To avoid a mistake like this, having proper schedules and being organized in your daily work will help you have a clutter free and relaxed mind.

Mistake 5: Know-It-All Attitude

It is true that with all the experience in this field a recruiter would have all the tricks of the trade. Everyone knows that you’re the experienced person and have all the knowledge in the field. But, if you let these beliefs get to your head you will be less motivated to learn more. Only the best recruiters understand this and humble themselves to strive and gain more knowledge every day.

As Richard Branson said, “If you get the right mix of people working for your company, it will have a far greater chance of success.”

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