5 Important Things You Should Include in Your Hiring Checklist

5 Important Things You Should Include in Your Hiring Checklist

Hiring the perfect candidate for a job is a tedious process. It is not only hard to find the right person, but also difficult to retain them. There are certain actions that when included in your recruitment process will enable you to hire any candidate for a job. Though these actions are very simple, cost-effective and easy to follow, they will significantly improve the efficiency of the recruitment process and result in excellent hires.

We have curated a list of 5 actions that should be included in the three stages of recruiting, namely; Finding the talent, Talent screening and On-boarding talent.

Action 1: Recruit Using Social Media

Before the era of social media, people looked for jobs only in newspapers and job boards. Social media has since changed the game of recruitment. Since it is easily available and so many people use it, with just a few clicks you can find great talent. And that’s not even the best part! It is cost-efficient and super convenient helping you to do a little research before calling a person for an interview.

Action 2: Improve Job Descriptions

A simple yet informative description will attract just the right candidates you’ve been looking for. This is the first information that a potential employee will be reading about your company and hence should be precise and make a good impression. It should have all relevant information like aspects of the opportunities offered along with how the applicant can contribute to the growth of the company.

Action 3: Presenting Real Time Scenarios

Most interviewers ask candidates hypothetical problems and give them a made up scenario to solve. This is a big mistake when it comes to hiring applicants. It is always advised to present them with real problems that your company is facing. This way you can judge their answers and test them to see if they actually have the skills to be a part of your company.

Action 4: Flexible Interview Timings

Not all applicants are unemployed when they apply for a job. Most of them will be employed and looking for a change. Hence, they would find it difficult to come in for interviews at your time. It always portrays a good opinion when you’re flexible with time and can accommodate their schedule rather than only sticking to your time. In case you have the time you can also dedicate one or two nights a week to interview candidates over a call or Skype.

Action 5: Find Out Their Requirements

Every candidate will have certain acceptance criteria that they would want before signing any contract. It is a good gesture to consider these factors and see if they are acceptable and compliable with your company’s rules and regulations. If they are, then there is no harm in accepting them. Using these as reference, you can draft the contract and highlight the incredible things you can offer them.

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