Latest Trends in Cloud Computing

Latest Trends in Cloud Computing

Latest Trends in Cloud Computing

The last year saw cloud evolving as the preferred platform for enterprise applications and data, and there’s probably quite a long way to go. Here’s what’s to be expected in the year ahead:

Data parking

It is not surprising that most of the big cloud players in the field like Salesforce and Amazon Web Services want every company, small and big to store their data in their systems, and it isn’t just the internal data we’re talking about. Data from almost everything conceivable like machines, devices and web platforms have become premier targets for cloud operators. Data assets have become very critical for companies; hence large cloud players want all the data from their clients on their platform. What’s more is cloud players offer incredibly cheap storage options with almost no expenditure on hosted solutions.

Big companies seem to opt for cloud

Cloud is no longer the domain of startups, and most of the large organizations from almost every industry vertical are quickly gravitating towards cloud and are transferring their data systems and infrastructure there. Cloud enables these organizations to offer excellent customer service and also take advantage of technical advances for most manufacturing companies. This prompts the most conservative and traditional companies that are hesitant to make changes to rethink their strategy and adopt cloud, simply because it helps cut costs and reduce risks.

Cloud and IT

Most of the IT leaders today realize the importance of keeping a tight leash on cloud deployment costs, and are relying on analytics solutions that are available cheap. They are able to access details of usage and billing data and are able to spot where exactly the money goes, thus paving the way to prevent budget overruns, which can eat into the revenues and profits. What’s more is the decision makers in IT companies have all this at their fingertips, thanks to technology that lets them do this and more using their mobile devices while they are at meetings or on the go.

Transferring data is as easy as copy/paste

While 2015 witnessed usage of data prep solutions and self-service data integration, 2016 promises moving data from the organizations into cloud ecosystems kid’s play, which even people with non-technical backgrounds should be able to accomplish with ease. Business users can now drop data into any preferred cloud storage databases or warehouses which are in the offing in the near future. So much so, there is no need to worry about complex data integration or staging and transformation.

New role for IT

With cloud computing peaking in 2016 IT will no longer be considered mere system fixers as they are set to new tools of productivity that will enable organizations to use cloud easily. Also, the Cloud Access Security Broker market is set to grow in leaps and bounds in the enterprise IT domain.

Security concerns persist

With the downtime and security risks associated with cloud resiliency being closely monitored there are no major security threats being reported. However, perceived security risks and challenges are what are keeping most enterprises from moving the cloud way of doing things. What with more companies jostling for space in the cloud with a lot of highly confidential stuff being stored in the cloud data loss, outages and cyber attacks cannot be ruled out. Though, this will lead to newer innovations in data security and throw up all new avenues for the growing creed of entrepreneurs. For more information on the latest in cloud check out Rannsolve and the amazing solutions on offer.

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