7 Benefits of ReactJS for Building Engaging User Interfaces

The front-end developments are evolving continuously. With new tools being introduced in the market daily and the widespread availability of frameworks and libraries, choosing the right ones that suit your business type is vital. 

What is React?

React is a free and front-end open-source JavaScript library, mainly used for developing user interfaces to make it look appealing.

Some words associated with ‘React’ are React.js, ReactJS, and React JS

Some of the companies or brands that adopt React in their development cycle are: 

  •       Atlassian
  •       Airbnb
  •       Dropbox
  •       Facebook
  •       Instagram
  •       Netflix
  •       PayPal
  •       Reddit
  •       Uber

Why React for Businesses?

React is mainly used in building resilient component-centric applications. React or ReactJS aids the developer in breaking complex UI into simpler components without needing to work on a web app. React could be paired with various technologies to make it functional in the back-end, not only on the front end. Hence, React is used for multiple approaches or scenarios such as web app development, mobile app development, static site building, desktop apps development, and VR app development.

Key Benefits of ReactJS for Front-End Development

React JS has a lot of perks during the front-end development, making it stand out from the pack.


React is used for development processes by the developers, both on the server-side and the client-side, eventually speeding up the development process.


React codes are comparatively easier to maintain when compared to other front-end works. This is mainly due to the modular structure that makes it more flexible, saving huge costs and time.


The main highlight of React JS is that it possesses a framework that enables a virtual DOM (Document Management Model) and server-side rendering that results in the faster working of complex apps.


Basic knowledge of JavaScript is essential for the deployment of React JS. A full-time JavaScript expert could quickly learn React JS entirely within a week.

Reusable Components

React JS has several reusable components that have been used to create an application. As a result, the developers can incorporate the same features in other developments and find the same level of accuracy. This helps to reduce time and cost.

Mobile App Development

React JS is not only for web development but also for mobile development. For example, Facebook has already incorporated React JS in their native application for Android and iOS platforms.

SEO Friendly

Online businesses are mainly based on SEO optimizations. React fastens the rendering process with reduced page loading time, making the app rank higher on Google.

React JS has been considered one of the most potent front-end frameworks for developing engaging user interfaces with the benefits mentioned above.

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