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Hiring is a make or break decision that can have a big effect on your business. This popular saying hammers home the importance of the hiring decision with a tinge of humor.

“If you find hiring the right person an expensive affair, just try hiring the wrong person!”

How true! A misstep in hiring will not only cost you a lot of time and money but also a truckload of frustration. So as a business firm, how do you protect yourself from such risks? One easy solution is to outsource recruitment to professional recruitment agencies. These professionals have the training and resources to find the right fit for your requirements every single time. Outsourcing recruitment could be the right thing for you especially if you face one or more of these recruiting challenges.

Why Should You Outsource Recruitment?

1) High Turnover

Imagine the loss when you recruit an employee after a long search, spend time and money in training him and find that he quits within6 months! This happens most of the time because you hired the wrong person. Using a recruitment agency can help you overcome the challenge of high turnover for the following reasons

  • The recruitment agency has years of experience and training to spot the right talent
  • The agency most likely has more information about the candidate including his or her career goals
  • It has an existing database of trained, experienced candidates who can immediately take over when a position falls vacant

2) A Long & Ineffective Recruitment Process

In a candidate-driven job market like the one we have today, a long recruitment process can hurt your chances of successful hiring. For any position except those requiring special skills, the time taken to recruit ideally should not exceed two months. If you are spending more time, then your recruitment process is surely ineffective and needs fixing. A recruitment agency can streamline the process for you and speed it up to less than a month. You can direct the extra time, effort and money that you spend on hiring to strengthening your core business competencies.

3) Many Vacancies to Fill

Hiring for one or two positions is hard enough. What if a new project you have taken up, involves many roles? Filling all of them in a short time can prove to be too taxing for you or your HR personnel. The project might even get stalled if you don’t find the right talent on time. The best option when you have such multiple roles to fill is to outsource the job to an experienced recruitment agency. With their ready database of candidates, they will be able to help you put together a team in a short time. 

4) Need to hire for Specialized Roles

With the advancements in the digital space, the challenges in recruitment have become more intricate. You are competing for talent not only with competitors in your industry but with other companies across different industries. An IBM report tells us that 90 % of the top 100 companies are recruiting for the same 37 in-demand roles. When you have to recruit for these specialized roles, you surely need all the expertise and assistance that you can get. A recruitment agency is in a better position than you to find these highly skilled candidates who are most likely not looking for a job.

5) A Weak Employer Brand

If you don’t have a strong employer brand then getting high-quality talent to apply for your jobs is a challenge. This is especially true if you are a  startup or a small business. Relying on a reputed recruitment agency can be the right solution for you at least until you build a strong employer brand for yourself. A good recruitment agency can work with you to identify your brand message. It can also help you in conveying the brand message to the right kind of candidates you are hoping to attract to your organization                

6) Need to reach Passive Candidates

For roles that require experience, the chances of finding the right fit are higher with candidates who are not looking for a job. But how do you reach such candidates who are not on the radar of job board ads? Well, referrals could be one way, but it doesn’t work all the time. A recruitment or staffing agency has a pool of passive candidates who have found employment through the agency many years back. These candidates have a proven track record and can be great fits for your managerial jobs. 

7 ) Inability to  invest in Technology 

Technology has changed the way recruitment is done in the past few years. Recruitment functions like screening resumes and scheduling interviews have been automated. With the advent of AI, technological progress in recruitment has picked up more pace. But as a small or mid-sized business, your ability to invest in such technology is quite limited. Even if you have the resources to spend, it would make more business sense to invest them in advancements in your core business area. Outsourcing recruitment to a progressive recruitment agency will help you reap the benefits of the latest technologies in recruitment without the capital expenditure involved in purchasing them.

Even if you don’t face any of these challenges, you would still benefit from outsourcing your recruitment function to professional recruitment or staffing agencies for the savings in cost and time that they bring. Rannsolve is a trusted IT staffing firm based in Texas that offers tailor-made staffing and recruitment solutions that are affordable and yet remarkably effective. Contact us today for a free quote.


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