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Outsourcing is a cost-effective way to retain your place in a highly competitive business. Few business operations may be too complicated for your employees to handle. In such cases, it is simple to outsource the operation to a third-party service provider. This outsourcing BPO service provider takes care of your business operation either internationally or domestically. But while outsourcing you must keep in mind that along with some business operations you will also be handing over confidential data to the service provider.  Your service provider or outsourcing partner must handle this confidential information with care and follow exclusive business practices. This may impact your clients, business, competitors, and stakeholders. Therefore, it is vital to look for an outsourcing service provider who will efficiently handle the outsource process.

Effective ways to improve your outsourcing activities

1. List Out

List out the operations that you want to outsource like payroll, digital marketing, invoice process, technical assistance or customer service. Creating a list might help you get clarity about which operations you could handle and which operations will require outsourcing. Through this, you will be able to allocate resources effectively.

2. Contemplate appropriate providers

Check for the relevant skilled service providers in the market who will handle you are outsourcing operations proficiently. List out the clients they have serviced, projects they have performed and confidentiality. Check all the track records along with the time taken for them to complete a project. 

3. Compare to choose

Compare the service provider’s performance and other track records keenly. Read the entire proposal of the service provider with cost estimation, terms and conditions and other services they offer. This comparative analysis will help you select the right outsourcing partner. 

4. Opt for a trial run

To evaluate the capability of the outsourcing company, select a trial run method. Through this, you could check the service provider’s ability to handle and deliver the work on time. Hence, before signing with an outsourcing vendor, always take a trial run. While on the trial run, the service provider will hire employees, set up the required technology, and select appropriate shift timings to work. In the end, you could analyze their competence. The time they have taken to meet project deadlines and targets can be easily evaluated. If the outsourcing service provider fails to meet your expectations, you can select another from the list.

5. Monitor the service provider

Create a team to mediate with you and monitor the outsourcing company. This team would check the quality of the project and deliverables from the service provider. They will check the reports submitted, feedback, check deadlines, follow up on missed targets and they would deal with the issues related to the outsourced processes. Senior members of the company must be included in the team to handle and decide on the operations. 

6. Be Pre-planned

Every decision taken in the outsourcing process is quick and precise. Transitions and transfer of responsibilities are swift. For international business outsourcing, you need to arrange the visas in advance. If it is not possible then as an alternative technical set up has to be made in advance. Required technological tools such as simulated sessions or video tutorials to continue without interruptions in the process. In addition, there must be an in-house team within the company to train and transfer information to the outsourcing team. 

7. Documentation and Accountability

Ensure that you document all the service level agreements. Nothing should be left undocumented. All paperwork should be comprehensive and specify clearly about accountability and responsibility. Documenting the service level agreements will optimize the process and it will help to avoid legal conflicts. Outsourcing service providers should take complete responsibility for the project proving that they are accountable for all activities in the project. Hence, it will not be necessary to monitor the service provider. 

8. Performance reviews and communication

Don’t forget to take periodic reviews of your service provider and the services provided. If there is an underperformance review, then the service provider must rectify it at the earliest. To assess them, establish their Key Performance Indicators and metrics. Make sure you connect with your service provider on a regular basis to solve all issues. This will help minimize and resolve conflicts that develop within the project or team.

In brief, partnering with an outsourcing service provider will help to make your business more competitive. Associating with an experienced outsourcing service provider will streamline your process, boost productivity, save cost and enhance your competency. By taking all these steps, you can ensure the outsourcing process is satisfactory and profitable for your business.

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