We provide accounting payable processing services to customers universally and the end-to-end solution includes the following: 

Receipt and management of all paper-based payables documents. This comprises: 

  • Sorting 
  • Batch preparation 
  • Scanning 
  • Document indexing 
  • Document storage and retrieval 
  • Incoming mail- receiving and processing  
  • Scanned invoices-audit and reconciliation  

This includes: 

  • Approval and exception routing 
  • Shortened month-end closing process 
  • Documented audit trial 

Audit and control mechanisms to discard the risk of duplicate payments. We support recovery and reclamation through: 

  • Manual and automated data entry 
  • Three-way database matching 
  • Electronic invoice processing 
  • Checks distribution
  • Secured maintenance of check stock 
  • Online check proofing 
  • Handling of return checks 
  • Handling of Electronic payments 
  • Special invoice mail handling