As a pioneer in data conversion, we understand the industry and its requirements. Rannsolve offers services where all your data can be converted and modified into digital documents without altering the information that it contains within a short time. Most businesses nowadays prefer to outsource their data conversion services as digitized documents are much easier to identify and access in the future. Our cost-effective services prevent any form of data loss, organize data in the most usable formats and enable you to utilize data for research and business intelligence purposes.

The primary benefit of any data conversion service is to capture data and store it in an electronic format which includes converting PDF documents into MS Word/ MS Excel/ MS PowerPoint formats and vice versa. Rannsolve employs highly-skilled professionals to take care of all data conversion services to ensure proficient handling of all data.

The different types of data conversion services that we offer are;

  • OCR Process
  • PDF to Word/Excel/PowerPoint conversion
  • Image Format Conversion
  • Image Cropping/Splitting/Combining & Deskew