The basic framework for any organization is data. There may be lots of data which can be utilized efficiently but are not easily accessible. At Rannsolve, we convert your data into convenient information. This way all the data of the company will be organized and available in a minute. We carefully weave process management support and complete electrical and physical data security to produce a successful project for all our clients. Our data entry services include two varieties; Offshore Data Entry Services & Onshore Data Entry Services. All our services are done in an efficient, transparent and cost-effective manner.

Offshore Data Entry Services
The data from bills, receipts, invoices, and others have to be captured, collated and systematically put together for effective usage. With the help of offshore data entry services, this can be done to improve and enhance business efficiency. Rannsolve provides customized and quality data entry services for different projects, irrespective of size and complexity. Our offshore data entry services include:

  • Bill/Receipt Processing
  • Triplog Indexing
  • Students Records
  • Survey Processing/Survey Analytics
  • Marriage Records
  • County Records
  • Oil/Gas & Mining Documents Indexing
  • Engineering Drawing Indexing

Onshore Data Entry Services
Data entry is the foundation for effective and profitable data management. If the data entry methods are outdated and inefficient, it will lead to mistakes and errors that will reflect on the data available and lead to wrong business decision-making. Our onshore data entry services benefit clients across the USA while achieving significant cost savings in a quick turnaround time. Our services include:

  • Online Data Entry
  • Remote Connection Data Entry
  • VPN Connection Data Entry