Dealing with vast quantities of data will be tedious. It is also a time-consuming process. Data capture solutions provides an answer to this problem. It is the process of extracting information from  electronic documents and turning it into data for key systems.  

With Data Capture services, we organize and manage the data effectively. This can lead to a surge in productivity, visibility, and accuracy.  

Our data capture systems cover these business areas: 

We can convert enormous volumes of paper documents into digital images of various file formats.  

Rannsolve captures information from sales coupons, promotional vouchers and purchase receipts in a professional way. 

Checks and legal documents always include vital and sensitive information that needs to be handled sensibly. Converting data from checks through OCR and ICR enables you to securely store and retrieve information from them, anytime. 

We can collect information from forms and convert them into images accordingly. They can be stored  in a database after processing. 

We can seamlessly capture data from sources such as magnetic storage devices and cards. The data can be processed into microfilms which can be retrieved at any point of time. 

Digitization of birth records, municipal records and town records can be done. These can be archived and made searchable.