Medical practice is now ready to resume back to their “normal” day-to-day activities now that more Americans are vaccinated and some COVID-19 limitations are relaxed. Many face the Herculean challenge of recovering lost income and helping patients get back on track with their usual health care routines after a tough 2020 – $15 billion is needed to counteract revenue losses.

While there is still a long way to go, clinics have a good chance of re-engaging their patients. Individuals who did not previously seek preventative medical care may now be looking for a primary care physician as health-related issues have become more prominent. It may be tough to get a competitive advantage and attract new patients, and determining the measures to undertake could be much more difficult. However, if you have ever wondered what would be some innovative methods to boost patient volume? Let us move to discover…

1. Establish Consistent Engagement

With one in every five people in the United States experiencing delayed services because of the pandemic, now is the ideal opportunity to reconnect with patients and encourage them to deliver high-quality care and wellness. Clients are used to firms reaching out to them personally, whether it’s through a promotional text message or a tailored ad while scrolling through Facebook. This sort of constant involvement is a marketing strategy that practitioners may use every day. Creating email or text outreach campaigns with easy booking links that remind patients of impending yearly wellness checkups or rescheduling late appointments is a simple method to get patients back into the room.

To be in touch with patients regularly, practices could cultivate messaging on new service offerings, revised check-in methods, or reminders regarding your practice’s telehealth offerings. Patients will return to your practice if they believe you are providing Healthcare RCM services that are attentive to their requirements.

2. Consider Making Follow-up Consultations.

Although this may seem easy, it is surprising how often doctors fail to inform their patients when they need to see them again. This is important in the context of patient retention. When the physician takes the required subsequent steps or finishes the loop, it demonstrates to a patient that your clinic cares for them and their wellbeing. Giving patients precise instructions on their next actions before they leave the clinic demonstrates a level of dedication and commitment that will only enhance your practice’s complete customer loyalty.

3. Positive Feedback Should Be Encouraged.

People are reading internet reviews more than they have ever been making any type of decision, including picking a physician. According to the latest survey, 70% of patients believe that a positive internet reputation is absolutely important when choosing a healthcare provider. Before considering whether or not to become a patient, today’s tech-savvy consumers will likely look at your practice’s reviews to see what other patients have to say. Ensure to keep a careful eye on your internet visibility. Try to identify in the comments if your practice has received unfavorable feedback. If several patients have the same concern, take note of it and work with your team to find a solution to enhance your performance in that particular area. 

Make careful to reply to both complaints and suggestions on review sites that enable you to do so to indicate that your clinic is paying attention to the comments. It also is important to verify with your most dependable, long-term patients. Inquire about their opinions of your medical practice and the services you provide. Encourage patients to leave an online review by placing a notice at the front desk, sending a thank-you email, or even bringing it up in person. The more favorable ratings your practice receives the more calls from potential new patients you attract.

4. Offer Mobile Friendly Options

More of us have accepted having the option to perform any activity online throughout the epidemic, whether it’s paying bills, viewing new movies, or even grocery shopping. Going forward, mobile convenience will be anticipated in healthcare RCM Services. Patients are more inclined to see a provider that offers digital services. According to reports, 78 percent prefer contactless healthcare alternatives over traditional in-person, paper-based procedures.

Right from appointment self-scheduling to pre-registration and onboarding documents may be submitted online, giving patients the hassle-free experience they desire. The ability to save personal and insurance information digitally improves convenience by allowing patients to easily verify or amend information upon check-in. Patients are so used to navigating the digital world that incorporating these capacities into the scheduling and check-in process via technology like R1’s Patient Experience platform will give them the confidence to approach your practice directly and schedule in-person or virtual visits long in advance.

5. Establish a Strong Social Media Presence

Using social media to market and discuss your services is a terrific strategy to do so. One of the top search results on the internet is social media platforms. If you search for a local dermatological clinic by name, their Facebook page would almost always be on the main results.

On social media, patients like interacting and sharing information about their healthcare and doctors. Begin by involving your doctors in the making of video material that clients can connect to. Not only can social media assist your clinic to attract patients and boost search results, but it can also help your medical practice interact with patients.

More Claims Means More Profit

When you’ve compiled a comprehensive plan, reassure yourself of what it takes to accommodate more patients before it begins to pay off. This signifies you’ll need to formulate a strategy to develop your front-end and back-end strategies for managing claims.

Getting more patients in your door just to send them away because you can’t handle the excessive claim work is embarrassing on the front end. This would weaken your entire team. You must also ensure that your denial management procedure is prepared for the traffic volume on the back end. If it isn’t, and you receive more patients, you’ll suffer financially.

To Sum it all up

There is an unlimited number of innovative methods you might employ to improve your patient volume. You are not required to limit yourself to what is on this list. Collaborate with your team to see if they have any more suggestions that we may have overlooked.

Choose a handful for which you have the time and commit to them. These aren’t plan-it-and-forget-it ideas; you’ll have to work with them to see results. Use these techniques consistently and methodically to increase patient volume in your medical practice. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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