Delivering innovative and unique solutions that result in efficiency gains, increased corporate and governmental compliance and overall financial performance for our clients.

Rannsolve is a leading global provider of technology-enabled healthcare services designed to deliver end-to-end solutions for efficient Revenue Cycle Management. We at Rannsolve can rapidly deploy resources to improve your RCM and financial process. Our main aim is to help you adapt and be better-positioned for long-term success. Our solutions include a range of services like Payment Processing & Posting, Denial Management, AR Followup, Patient Statements, Quality & Audit, Patient Scheduling & Insurance Verification, Medical Coding, Demo & Charge Entry, and Claim Checking & Resolution.

Regulatory Compliance

As a proven provider of all Healthcare RCM services, we bring to our business relationships a depth of knowledge and technology. We work with healthcare providers who want outstanding results in their accounts receivables.

Along with the advent of new technology comes regulatory risks and challenges with regards to compliance in the evolving healthcare economy. At Rannsolve we take compliance seriously, respecting consumer privacy and adhering to the strictures of HIPAA, Patients Privacy Act, and the Affordable Care Act. We are also aware of the latest ruling regarding granting direct access to patients for laboratory results, which entitles patients to receive test results directly from laboratories.

Why Outsource With Us?

We are located in Allen, Texas where our client-base has grown to encompass many renowned clients throughout the USA and other parts of the world. Our in-depth experience and knowledge that we have gathered over the years has enabled us to provide solutions to meet our client’s challenges and continue to drive their growth. Our expertise enables practices to maximize revenue and minimize compliance risks despite the challenges of a changing healthcare economy.

Rannsolve’s RCM services ensure payments are made on time without leaving any patient statements or claims to be outstanding to optimize cash flow. We understand the nuances of professional component billing for all specialities.