For optimum revenue recovery, Insurance Follow up and AR (Account Receivables) are very critical to accelerate revenue, increase cash flow and ensure optimum revenue recovery. At Rannsolve, our proven track record is a certificate of proof for our clients. There are a number of reasons necessary for Insurance Follow Up like many claims that are submitted to payers are denied and have to be resubmitted, many denials are preventable, or expensive resources put their main focus on high-value claims alone.

We first identify and analyze all the claims listed and review the provider’s adjustment policy where we identify which claims need to be adjusted off. We then prioritize AR follow up by identifying the different issues for claims marked as uncollectible or where the amount due is not paid. All the “claims submission addresses” will be made sure it is correct so that the claim reached the correct processing unit and all “clean claims” will be reimbursed. Once all the analyses are done, the claims identified to be within the filing limit, are re-filed after the claims processing and other medical billing rules are correct.