As the foundation of any healthcare insurance claims, patient’s demographic entry is very important. All the patient information like age, sex, address, insurance number, etc., is captured in a Patient registration form and thereafter transferred into the billing software before finally being transmitted to the Payer. This data must be carefully entered without even the smallest of errors, as it may lead to claim denial. To submit a clean, error-free claim, demographic entry is the first step.

Rannsovle employs highly qualified and talented medical billing professionals who will send the claims to the payers in a quicker, more accurate and cost-effective manner. The Charge entry associate will enter the charges that were coded from the coding team or from the billing sheet that they receive and will check the eligibility benefits before posting the charge to avoid denials.

Our team of medical coders provides multi-specialty charge entry, follow-up on various denied and unpaid claims, and file secondary insurance depending on the client’s requirements. Some of the tools we use include, but not limited to –
* MediTouch * medisoft *NEXTGEN Healthcare * athena health * Allscripts *AdvancedMD