The business landscape is a constantly changing one. Ideas and Innovations are breaking ground at the speed of thought. While we may not be sure about where this progress is taking us, we can have no doubts about the direction – we are all going the e-way! That’s why in today’s marketplace, for any business- small or big, e-commerce is no longer a choice, it’s a compulsion. Founder of the ECom giant Alibaba, Jack Ma predicts that in the next 15 years, people won’t be talking about e-commerce because it would become like electricity – an essential way of life. Read on to know how we helped a Wine Manufacturer level up their business by getting them onto the eCommerce bandwagon!

What Was The Challenge on the Table?

Our Client was a Wine manufacturer who had built a reputation for manufacturing and selling high-quality wines. They wanted us to develop an e-commerce website that could help them capture new markets in Australia and New Zealand. Until then, their growth was sustained by traditional sales platforms, and most of their sales happened through telephonic orders. They had a CMS website that listed their products but their users didn’t have the option of buying securely through the website. So the challenge before us was to build a robust e-commerce website – an online store that will enable our client to cater to tech-savvy, convenience-seeking millennials that make up the second biggest slice of the wine buyers pie today.

How We Solved It?

We worked closely with our client to develop an online platform that strongly resonated with their brand values of trust and quality while also making their products appealing for a younger, more vibrant, and a more discerning audience. With user convenience and ease of navigation as the factors that were accorded the maximum weightage, we designed a solution that helped them attract attention in the virtual world. We also tailored our solution to address the client’s outmoded inventory management system and integrated the inventory management function with the new website we built.

What Was The Impact?

The website has been live for the past two years and has witnessed good business. Our Client had managed to get ROI by charging higher for a few orders placed on the website by their customers. They have had many repeat customers from both Australia and New Zealand. They had also been able to garner more attention from their customers through exclusive website offers and coupons. They are particularly happy with how they are now able to manage their product inventory more effectively with the website’s integrated inventory management module.

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