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In the present scenario, where “Customer is King”, information is abundant, and competition is stiff, one way to stand head and shoulders above competitors and attract buyers is customization. When your customers can order a product that’s tailored to fit their unique needs and preferences, it increases their satisfaction and loyalty to your brand. Read on to know how we helped our client ramp up their online sales by giving their prospective customers the power to choose!

The Client

Our Client is a global manufacturer of industrial compressors with a special focus on the US, Canadian, and Latin American markets. Building strong customer relationships has been the key to their sustenance and growth over the past five decades and they wanted to leverage modern technology to give their buyers in U.S and Canada a better experience

The Challenge

When our client approached us they were using a legacy application developed based on MS ACCESS. There were several issues in the application. It had limited functionality. The files were executed as text files, and there was no centralized database. Our client had production and contractor units in more than 28 locations and so they had to transfer the files in text format alongside all locations. Needless to say, this cost them dearly in time and dollars. Moreover, there was no file sharing in this application. So the challenge before us was to build a web application that addressed these issues and supported other functions that the client required.

The Solution

We analyzed our client’s existing Legacy Application and conducted a thorough domain study. We then designed a solution using Dot Net C#MVC, MsSQL, IOS, and Android technology to fix bugs and develop additional functionalities in the legacy software and re-develop it in web-based technology. We tested and deployed the application in several client locations for production.

The Impact

The Client’s web application users were now able to generate customized quotes instantly by selecting the compressor type, package information, rating conditions, economizer, side load, etc. They could also get pricing information in customized formats like Screw pricing, Controls & Motors Pricing, Controls Pricing, and so on. This improved the user experience by leaps and bounds and widened the Manufacturer’s reach across different geographies at a minimal cost. The centralized data management and reports in the new application enabled the Client’s management team to make better managerial decisions. Getting direct reviews from business clients through the app also helped our client improve product quality.

Reap the benefits of making customization one of your key marketing strategies. Reach out to us to know how we can combine our extensive experience and our prowess in technology to give you solutions that take you closer to your business goals!

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