Automate manual process with complete control.

A Simple & Flexible RPA Platform to Create, Run, Monitor, Manage & Export automation bots in a single platform

Brief overview of Rannsolve CPA



Develop RPA bots with very simple and highly flexible Studio. Consist of 250+ automation actions as extension.



Store, Deploy, Trigger, Schedule RPA Attended and Un-Attended bots through Server with Intuitive Dashboard.



Execute attended and un-attended bots with complete control from Server

Benefits of Rannsolve CPA

All integrated, all managed and governed from one place

Automate effortlessly

Develop, Maintain, Schedule, Execute and Monitor automation bots effortlessly with Simple & flexible platform

No vendor lock-in, you own the bots

Export your bots as runnable  and execute without any dependency on CPA Platform

Realize true ROI with straight forward license

Develop and Run any number of Attended & Un attended bots and Pay license only for the number of Studio and Server

Secure & Organized

Run, Schedule, and Monitor bots with complete control from single portal.

How it Works ?

Create RPA bots effortlessly using user-friendly and highly adaptable Studio

After developed, export your bots as executable .exe files


Manage, Activate, and Initiate your bots using a Server with an Easy-to-Use Dashboard


Schedule your workflow with CPA from single portal.


Automated export of data to desired format and destination

Additional features for CPA

Wide range of Automation

250+ extension actions available to automate Ex:, PDF, Excel, Mail, REST, SOAP, DB etc.,

No/Low Code Studio

Very simple to use No code – Low code designer to develop and deploy bots faster

Export bots as .exe

Export the bots as global executable .exe after development, and run bots without CPA dependency

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