Services by Industry


Companies like oil and gas firms, alternative energy and others often find it challenging to successfully hire, develop and retain candidates in a cost-effective method. Since this particular industry has a lot of changing technology and regulations, Rannsolve provides a good and reliable IT infrastructure at all levels.


Rannsolve provides qualified workforce who has engineering expertise in the telecom industry. We will match all your company’s needs with the industry’s top talent, whether it is voice, data, wireless broadband, project management, operations technology, OSP or LAN/WAN.


Fast digitization of the healthcare industry has brought about a demand for skilled IT professionals with experience in different IT and electronic health record products. Rannsolve has extensive expertise in recruiting qualified talent who understands the complex regulatory compliance and security issues.


Rannsolve provides top-notch workforce solutions for all legal businesses to satisfy all your necessary staffing needs. With the increased usage of email technology and sensitive information being passed around, the legal industry depends on the skills of IT experts for cybersecurity, investigations, litigation and digital forensics.


With the rapid growth of the retail industry, and customers demanding a seamless shopping experience, it is necessary to have all projects fully staffed. Rannsolve provides a steady stream of highly-qualified talent who are in line with the specific skills required in your retail business to stay on top of the competition.


In this industry, there are always new technology and improvement in the manufacturing process. To keep up with the advancement of technology, Rannsovle provides talented IT staff to oversee collaboration and business intelligence. This way, any hurdle your company faces, you will be able to push through and excel.

Information Technology

Rannsolve has the technical knowledge to discover suitable candidates from network administrators to system engineers for your business. As a frontrunner in the IT staffing space, we have successfully staffed IT professionals to support all business network infrastructures.

Accounting & Finance

For all your accounting and finance needs, Rannsolve will find you the best people for your business in a short span of time.