On-site support & Server Management

Rannsolve Onsite Support deploys dedicated teams on the customer’s facilities to provide standard IT services. These teams are composed of highly skilled employees who monitor and evaluate processes and best-practice approaches to ensure that customers’ systems are always functional. Be it a help-desk professional, systems engineer, service technician, or project manager, we assure you that you will have the best people for your specific needs.

Server management is a significant part of our proactive managed IT services by Rannsolve. It’s important to prolong the life of your servers and ensure their safety and stability. We know how to keep your servers healthy at Rannsolve, therefore we monitor them round the clock, with regular upgrades, persistent backup processes, and automated maintenance checks.

We also want to make sure that your company has the best server performance possible, so we keep an eye on event logs for important security and performance alerts. Every server’s storage capacity and RAID performance are also monitored, and we conduct server audits to every one of our clients. To know how Rannsolve can help you optimize your IT team, contact us today.