Remote Help Desk

A centralized platform is required for IT professionals to efficiently manage remote connections and protect access to critical assets. The need for a remote help desk tool arose from this reality in the IT world. Rannsolve offers a robust Remote Desktop interface that offers firms a single point of view for all their remote connections, and a highly-practical toolset to help them increase productivity.

Remote Desktop interfaces act as a powerful tool and consist of approximately 160 different technologies and protocols, including password managers, VPN, privileged access management software, scripting tools, synchronizers.

.Benefits of Remote Help Desk

  • Consolidate and secure access to all of your remote connections, manage privileged credentials quickly, set up your network for remote access, and limit permissions to specific users.
  • In addition to integrating current password manager solutions directly into Remote Desktop Manager, IT departments may leverage the integrated credential management tools to manage passwords.
  • Role-based access control systems can integrate with directory groups to enable admins to develop comprehensive security systems, to manage user privileges and access efficiently.
  • These tools can help you deal with data security standards by enforcing your lowest privilege principles and protecting sensitive data.


Managing remote sessions has never been easier or more successful than with Rannsolve’s Remote Desktop.