Our Capabilities – Restaurant POS

As Millennials and Generation Z begin to dominate the spending force, the need for ease and convenience in shopping for products or services they consume, especially food, has become much more pronounced. Make the online ordering experience effortless and hassle-free with Rannsolve’s technology solutions. We offer both turnkey and custom-designed web and mobile applications across PHP, IOS and Android platforms for restaurants and foodservice businesses.

With our carefully designed solutions, ordering meals from your restaurant can get incredibly fast and simple – your customers can do it with just a few clicks. And managing your business can become more easy too. All that you require to run a successful restaurant – online ordering, order queue system, loyalty reward programs, online payments, inventory management, social media – can be integrated into one application. So get in touch with us today to make the most of technology to attract new customers, boost user engagement, and give your foodservice business an impressive digital makeover!