Outsourced Medical Billing


Is outsourcing helpful or not? Among most medical practices, it is the state of doubt and dilemma. Based on several important variables: company size, age, and state of finances, the solution ranges from one practice to another.

The most critical procedures in your organization apart from medical practices are billing and revenue cycle management. More than outsourcing In-house billing has its advantages and has its drawbacks too. To balance the two, what are the Pros and Cons of in-house billing and outsourced medical billing?



Cost savings is the primary reason why outsourced medical billing is an asset. The fact that you no longer bear the cost of medical billing technology, applications, etc would improve your financial position.

Practicing Visibility

At any particular time, an efficient medical billing firm must be able to generate multiple comprehensive reports. Without demanding the micromanagement of the workers, this flexibility offers clients an in-depth understanding of their financial state.

Productive Results

The company you hire is obliged to conduct the agreed-upon services with a certain rate of success while outsourcing your billing. As included in most contracts, an additional bonus is never having to hire staff for support.


Losing Control

Although it can feel like a relief for many of us to outsource the pressures and labor associated with billing to another company, it may be daunting for others to hand over certain operations and responsibilities to someone else. Nevertheless, it is all worth the promising outcomes.

Price Fluctuation

Most billing companies charge a proportion of the revenue they generate – the more the practice earns, the more you pay. When it comes to budgeting billing expenses, this poses challenges, specifically with the large variations between slower and busy periods. We at Rannsolve offer two pricing models which include FTE matrix for partial services.

Fine Print

Read all contracts very carefully before outsourcing your billing. Quite often there will also be hidden costs for printing statements, producing records, and other extra start-up charges. Cancellation charges can also lead you to pay an excessively high charge. Ensure that the money you save from hiring a medical billing company is not out-weighed by the hidden cost in the fine print.


Now that you’ve evaluated all the Pros and Cons, try our (Rannsolve Billing Services) first. Rannsolve Medical Billing provides FREE demo/consultations on how to boost your revenue.

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