Outsourcing Software Development

Software outsourcing is structurally an arrangement made by a business to hire a third-party software contractor. They are hired to complete the software related work that could have been done in-house. But, developing a full-fledged software application in-house demands a huge sum. Apart from that, it is also a bit time-consuming. As a matter of fact, not everyone has an extended IT team in place. Hence, in order to manage such situations, businesses naturally turn to ‘Software Outsourcing Companies.’

Software development outsourcing aids most of the businesses gain greater economies of scale. They tend to focus on their core proficiency without spending money or time.

Software development outsourcing thus, endows businesses with a zealous advantage by slashing costs. Furthermore, it also gratifies customer service and maintains product quality on a limited budget.

Key Factors

Outsourcing software development is a big and vital step for any company, it can range from startups run by a small team to global corporations. There still remains an element of risk and doubt, but that’s comprehensible.

Downscale Business Costs 

This is the predominant driver for companies yearning to go with software development outsourcing. As per the latest research, almost 59% of companies outsource with a sole aim to curb their costs.

As a matter of fact, every organization makes the most from slashing its cost: this ultimately clears out more funds to convoy into other business arena.

Most of the leading brands have subsumed outsourcing for software development. WhatsApp, for instance, tactically outsourced the development of its iOS app. It was eventually outsourced to a freelancer. Later on, WhatsApp eventually brought him aboard the business full-time, which was really mind-blowing.

The motivating pair behind WhatsApp, Jan Joum and Brian Acton, wished to outsource developers. It was mainly because, the beta version of the app underwent severe technical issues in its initial phase. Hence, software outsourcing services was a cheaper and also reliable alternative to bring the app to a market-ready position.

Outsourcing developers is a more worth-while option for businesses for myriad reasons. Working with external workers ultimately means you’re paying for their services only. It is excluding the common expenses pertaining to in-house staff, such as sick pay, hardware, rent, software, and much more.

Venture into World-Class Capabilities

Outsourced software development endows businesses to stay in tune with the world’s top-notch specialists, no matter how many miles lie in between. It’s not a matter of trying to appoint them as full-time employees: the gig economy means that liaisons can occur for one-off projects with no further responsibilities.

Working with off-shore development company on a project-by-project basis can throw pleasant surprises, too. For instance, a company will provide the software developers with a clear brief and targets to hit. Secondly, the specialists can trace out the opportunities to fine tune a product and put plans in motion on their initiative.

Video chat, project management tools, prototyping, and more keep the teams well-connected during the entire software outsourcing process.

Save Ample Time  

As per a recent study, the average length of the businesses’ job interview process is fixed as 23.7 days (approximately).

Hiring new software developers includes a number of steps. Any developers you hire on a full-time basis must have explicit skills. The main criteria is that they should be suited to different projects your business prefers to lay hands in the future. Not to mention, this makes the hiring system even more complicated and time-consuming.

But when outsourcing development to external teams, it’s like a piece of cake. You don’t have to think too much or worry about finding developers with a varied skill set for years of projects. Your only focus lies in choosing specialists with the required capabilities which augurs well with the project, by and large.

Project Lift with Elasticity

Businesses which are culling to outsource software development shy from recruiting, hiring, training, and integrating new employees into the company heritage. They can simply search for the professionals they need, with access/entry to their own equipment and software. This should be done before setting them ready to work on a specific project or product. Not to mention, this practice will be a bit quicker, easier, and also more cost-effective.

Another fringe benefit is the smoothness of scaling. When projects are in need of a little extra mastery or more resources, complementary work can be outsourced to one or more vendors on the go. Most of the companies have the elasticity to reciprocate to changes as they occur and take necessary action to address them with a quick turnaround.

Dwindle Your Project’s Risks

Advancing and releasing new products carries inbuilt risk, even if the market research portrays a high probability of success. But risks can be extremely difficult for startups and SMEs branching off into a new direction, or with no proven formula for delivering successful products to the market.

Outsourcing software development to other companies is a brilliant option instead. Risk mitigation in tandem with the product development has institutionalized an effective workflow and has proven success in coming up with applications that generate solid ROI.


These benefits clearly demonstrate why most of the companies go for custom software development outsourcing. We exist in an age dominated by software, and businesses have the responsibility to come up with quality products to secure a strong foothold in a crowded marketplace.

In a nutshell, trusting an external team with the ideal skill set to forge a product of high value to users has the real and ultimate potential to pay off.

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