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Businesses nowadays use social media in their recruiting practices and are undoubtedly reaping success out of it. Social networking has its structure and user engagement level; hence you need to understand how to use it appropriately. Check on how to implement this concept for the recruitment process in your business with these 3 Ws

 What is Social Media Recruiting?

Social media recruitment is the process through which applicants are recruited through social media platforms as applicant databases and for advertising opportunities and vacancies. The majority of the information conveyed to the brain is visual, and the visuals are transmitted 60,000 times faster to the brain than the text.

The ‘What‘ of social recruitment is very much about creating those links and trying to make the best of the online communities. You can reach prospective clients with the use of social media. By demonstrating what makes your organization a great place to work, it improves the interest of skilled employees.

When and How?

Creating a profile is the smartest idea, but updating it is by far the most significant aspect of social media. A single post a day is just not enough because most of your audience will not see it due to their time constraint. Over-posting is annoying to the viewers and will have you unfollowed or disliked immediately. It’s necessary to maintain a presence on social media even when there is no hiring requirement. The audience will notice that you have a strong online presence and that you don’t communicate only when there is a need.


The most pragmatic aspect of implementing a plan for social media recruiting is to understand Where. Linkedin the most popular social media platform for employers, but there are others. A large number of people use Facebook, so having a regularly updated business page is a positive initiative. Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest are other platforms that can work best for your company. 

Thoughts to Conclude:

About half of recruiters using social media recruitment techniques have reported improvements in both the quality and quantity of their applicants. It is why it could be worth investing time and resources into applying these techniques. Your social media recruitment approach must be well worked out and prepared ahead of time. It must be documented that includes the targeted group, Where they spend time online, the criteria for building relationships, and the social media platform to be used.  

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