Sharepoint Solutions

Stronger Collaboration, Strengthened Performance!

Collaboration is the key to efficiency in business operations. In the highly connected business ecosystem, we operate in today, to succeed in your business, it’s no longer enough to merely focus on your own work. You need concerted efforts from a slew of people both within and outside your organization. Microsoft’s Sharepoint platform was designed to bring about this collaboration in our workspaces so that you get the best from everyone you work with across different locations and timelines. At Rannsolve, we know the difference that effective collaboration can bring to your growth and so we offer user-friendly Sharepoint solutions to help you connect your employees and processes on a single platform!


Intranet portals promote collaboration and knowledge-sharing by centralizing access to company data, documents, and applications on a corporate network. We create highly functional, secure, feature-rich, and responsive Sharepoint intranets that will facilitate unhindered collaboration for your employees no matter what device they use and where they are located.


SharePoint can be used to create a secure, password-protected platform where people or businesses outside of your organization can be given controlled access for a shared business purpose. Our extranet solutions can help you create a collaborative environment that skillfully integrates third-party vendors, suppliers, and other associates into your internal workflows

Enterprise Portals

Our dedicated enterprise portal development team provides enterprise portal solutions that utilize the latest technologies and tools. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to build enterprise portal solutions that facilitate easy information exchange, effective workflow management, and integration through an engaging user interface.

Superior Technical Expertise

We have implemented solutions and designs for our clients across the globe. Our software developers, solution architects, domain experts, and project managers have honed their expertise through their experience in projects that span through a wide range of industries and complexities.

Conscientious Customer Service

As a global business solutions provider with a vision for excellence, we have taken care to see that the drive for exemplary customer service is deeply ingrained in our ethos. We treat our client’s business problems as our own and aim to provide delightful service experiences.

Unmatched Quality Standards

At Rannsolve, quality is a top priority. We follow best practices including transparent communications, code simplicity, code coherence, and rigorous testing so when our clients entrust their Sharepoint project, they can be sure that they will receive a product that is of impeccable quality.

An Excellent Track Record

We have worked with entrepreneurs, small growing businesses as well as large corporations in developing efficient Microsoft technology solutions that have stood the tests of time and competition.

Client Focussed Processes

We make it our priority to understand the specific business needs of our clients. We also make the clients a part of all our processes to ensure that their feedback and suggestions are effectively implemented in our designs.

End to End Application Management

From ideation to deployment, we are adept in all areas of application management. Our operational methodologies and time-tested approaches make sure that we deliver excellence at every stage.

Service Offerings

  • SharePoint Customizations
  • Web app Deployments
  • CMS Applications
  • Document management
  • Advanced Installation of SharePoint in a complex environment
  • Migration from SP 2013 to SP 2016 and 2019
  • Custom Web Part/Apps development
  • Consultant of content management
  • Document management
  • Development of InfoPath Forms


  • Microsoft Silverlight
  • Microsoft .net MVC
  • Microsoft Sharepoint