Telehealth Billing

Crisis begets change. True to the saying, the Covid-19 crisis we face today has ushered in many changes in the US healthcare system. It has changed the way we see and it has definitely changed the way we do things. For instance, it has transformed the way we deliver healthcare. One of the positive changes that the pandemic has brought about is the acceleration of Telehealth’s foray into mainstream medicine.

Telehealth is not by any means new to US healthcare. It was already touted as the fastest-growing medical care service by an AMA study conducted in 2019, pegging the growth rate at a striking rate of 53% with more than 76% of hospitals in the country offering the service. This year the pandemic is slowly yet forcefully pushing this number closer to 100. From big multispecialty hospitals to small single physician practices, every player in the healthcare business is now looking at telehealth as a viable way to continue serving the community with quality healthcare.

But climbing on to the telemedicine wagon is far from easy! With the Covid-19 situation getting more intense every day, the regulations around telehealth is changing constantly! The billing guidelines for telemedicine are evolving at such a rapid pace that it is quite tough to keep pace with them. For physicians and healthcare executives, already pinched for time, it could be an overwhelming challenge.

Have you added telehealth to your services recently with not enough time to deal with the billing uncertainties and continuous training requirements that accompany it?

The simple solution could be to outsource Telehealth Billing to established billing companies.

Why should you outsource Telehealth Billing?

When you entrust Telehealth billing to experts like us you get

  1. Access to World-class Expertise: We employ billing professionals with years of intensive experience in medical billing and invest in the latest billing technology. Handling billing for healthcare clients across different specializations and locations has helped our teams master all the nuances of medical coding and billing
  2. Specialized knowledge: We train our billing teams continuously on changing regulations in specific specializations of medicine. Since the beginning of this year, as the pandemic situation worsened, our training programs were designed with a thrust on telehealth requirements for Medicare Medicaid and other major providers.
  3. Lowered Costs: The cost advantage of outsourcing medical billing has been proven time and again by studies and experience. When you outsource telehealth billing, you avoid the overhead costs in recruiting, training and maintaining a workforce for billing. The cost efficiency is further pushed up when your billing partner is as keen as you are in boosting your revenues.
  4. Higher Accuracy: Our experience in telehealth billing and updated knowledge on regulations translates to higher accuracy levels that can’t be easily matched by in-house billing staff. 
  5. Assured boost in revenues: Faster billing time and higher accuracy along with our proactive problem-solving approach ensure consistent revenue flow for our clients. Our clients normally observe at least a 15% jump up in their revenues when we take over their billing function.
  6. More time for Patient Care: When the billing and related administrative tasks associated with it are taken off your workload, you will be able to give more time and attention to your core responsibility of caring for your patients. This, in turn, will improve the quality of care in your service and result in better patient experiences

Partner with us today for dependable support in telehealth billing that will not only take you past today’s uncertainties but also help build your resilience for tomorrow’s challenges!  

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