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Top 6 E-commerce Marketplace Development Trends. The marketplace is the new buzzword, with a constant evolution happening in the industrial sector. An online marketplace is nothing but an e-commerce website where a third party provides information about the product or service, in short, through multiple sources. The world might be different in a decade and it’s vital to adapt to the marketplace trends. 

Here are some of the top global marketplaces:

  • Amazon
  • eBay  
  • Etsy 
  • Walmart
  • Flipkart

So, for now, look at the marketplace trends in web development to keep it sailing smoothly. 

Voice-assisted speakers and commerce:

More than half of America’s population upgraded their households with smart speakers. Devices like these are on the rise and are used for online education, entertainment, and online shopping. Enabling voice-assisted search and navigation in your online marketplace could reap huge benefits. In addition, customized speakers could enhance your engagement. 

AI-powered chatbots:

Human/manual forms of attending a customer inquiry might have a setback due to misunderstanding or on-time replies and result in customer dissatisfaction. To evade this problem, AI chatbots are slowly coming into the picture. These chatbots answer questions instantly and keep customers engaged in the purchase without delay. Designing a chatbot based on your business type is essential for your online marketplace. 


Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR):

The most significant barrier in the online marketplace is credibility, as people would not be able to know the condition of the product before the purchase. However, they are made possible with the addition of AR and VR. 

For example, Lenskart is one of the famous eyewear marketplaces where the customers can try which eyewear suits their face perfectly or as per their wish and go for the purchase. This has increased sales in online marketplaces. 


Online web apps in place of mobile apps:

Focusing on web apps rather than mobile apps is essential. Unless you are a renowned online marketplace, people show lesser interest in downloading the apps. Hence a mobile responsive web app would do the trick in gaining people’s attention with perfect UI/UX to create greater customer engagement. 

Also, your potential customers could use your websites through smart TVs, laptops, desktops, tablets, smartphones, smartwatches, etc. Hence your online marketplace web app should satisfy them as there might be hidden prospects in all those channels. Moreover, these web-responsive apps are better ranked with the assistance of search engines, bringing in clients more quickly. 


Efficient layout with minimal loading times:

Customers usually show great interest in the products only when the website creates instant engagement. Therefore, it’s essential to build web apps that make a positive impact instantly, like faster page loading times, responsive times, etc. However, several factors are involved in loading times, and designing based on them could be daunting. Hence, focusing on optimized images and required designs are much important. 


Multiple-payment options:

Online marketplaces involve both online and offline payments. Henceforth, integrating diverse online payment options in the design layout is a must-have so that customers can pay for their transactions faster and more efficiently. 

Summing it up:

Technology is evolving and so are people. Therefore, it’s essential to follow the trends mentioned above during marketplace development and stay on par with the competition. 

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