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“ You’re only as good as your employees”. This oft-quoted line by Ray Croc, founder of McDonald’s captures clearly the importance of recruiting for the growth and success of any business! But what makes businesses spend too much time and effort on recruiting is not just because it is important, but also because it is tough. In the current business world where competition is stiff and the skills needed are super-specialized, recruiting is more challenging than ever. So what can we do to find the right talent at the right time and the right cost in a competitive market? We could perhaps use a little help from the experts!

Professional staffing and recruitment agencies have sharpened their expertise in talent search through extensive networking and intensive study of the industry. They keep abreast of the latest in hiring technology and trends in recruitment. With the comparatively higher scale of operation, they are in a better position to achieve time and cost-efficiency in recruitment and staffing than an in-house hiring team.

But how do you know when you need such expertise? Here are some indicators that tell you your business needs external help to get through its hiring hiccups.

1. Your HR team is stumped with quite a few Hard-to-Fill Roles

Let’s admit it. Some roles are just too hard to fill. Maybe because there is a dearth of skilled candidates in your location, high market demand, or highly specialized skill requirement! Whatever the reason, when your strategic positions remain vacant for months and your productivity takes a hit, you know it’s time to reach out to a staffing & recruitment partner with a stronger network and experienced recruiters!

2. The Quality of Candidates You Get Through Your Regular Channels is Poor

Your candidate pool through employee referrals or job portals is limited. On the other hand, an established recruiting agency that has been in the scene for many years has strongly built channels of communication with professionals across a wide range of industries. The quality of candidates that you can expect from such a wide pool will undoubtedly be higher. So when your recruitment teams are not able to find impressive talent from the regular channels, that may be an indication for you to step up the game by bringing in the experts.

3. Your Cost-to-Recruit is Too High

The cost advantage is perhaps the most straightforward reason to outsource your recruitment function. If your cost of hiring exceeds the fee that a professional recruiting firm would charge, then it definitely makes sense to go for a professional service. While the fee charged by recruiting firms can be known at the outset, it is not easy to surmise the cost at which you recruit on your own. You must factor in not only the salaries and overheads of your in-house hiring team but also the opportunity costs you incur when your employees are not able to do other functions because of the time spent on hiring.

4. You are Planning a Sudden Expansion

A sudden spurt of growth, a couple of new projects, or an unexpected rise in sales, can spike up your need for talent within a short span. Putting together a perfect team within such tight deadlines can be a task that can be overwhelming for your in-house recruiters. Quick staffing solutions from professional staffing agencies can ensure that you get your projects off the ground on time.

5. You are Looking at a New Direction in Terms of Vision, Goals & Strategies

When you realign your business and organizational goals towards a new vision, that may require a corresponding change in your hiring strategy too. Let’s say your company is now focussed on a limited number of projects with high margins. And your new plan is to shift gears to increase the volume of projects with lower margins and shorter terms. Then, project-based staffing will suit your business better. In such a case, a staffing agency with a ready pool of contract employees can fulfill your temporary staffing needs more efficiently than your hiring team.

Are you facing any of these scenarios and looking for a reliable recruitment partner you can entrust your talent needs to? Then look no further. Rannsolve has successfully worked with clients across different industry verticals and locations, providing them with customized staffing solutions that fit their budgets and goals. Reach out to us today and let us know your requirements. We will help you build the winning workforce that can take you nearer to your goals!

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