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‘Go green’ is the new buzzword in the market and companies are in the transition phase to this latest trend. However, it’s arduous for small companies to alter themselves to the paperless concept since they are more skeptical about the profits they could bring to the organization.


Here are a few stats on why a paperless office is the need of the hour:

  • On average, organizations lose around 7.5% of their paper documents.
  • Large companies have a chance of losing a record every 20 seconds.
  • US-based companies spend around 120 billion US$/year on printed forms.
  • Paper consumption grows by 22% yearly, which means paper costs double every 3.3 years.

You can never be constrained to the thought that papers are utterly useless in an organization, as physical documents might have a predominant edge at times. But, paperless offices can bring some obvious changes in the current scenario.

Here are the benefits of why switching to paperless could be very effective:

Digitization of documents and files:

Paperless office ensures a hassle-free working environment with seamless transfer of documents or files between departments and individuals.

Save time:

Digitized documents could be placed on a centralized repository for easy accessibility, saving a reasonable amount of time spent on filing, organizing and storing. This enables the employees to focus on other productive tasks.

Save space:

As papers could acquire a lot of space for storing in the form of bookshelves or cupboards, the paperless approach helps you to get rid of them effectively. Guess how? digital documents would be stored in the cloud or a separate repository, which requires much less space than paper documents than the papers can occupy.

Enhanced security:

One of the reasons why people might not prefer paperless is that they might have dubious thoughts about security concerns in this digital ecosystem. But physical records could be destroyed during disasters. Still, digitized documents can be stored safely in a system or a cloud, where documents can be retrieved from the cloud even if the physical device gets destroyed.

Environment friendly:

By going paperless, you are making yourself socially responsible. As paper production includes cutting down trees and deforestation, eradicating that culture means you are saving trees and conscious about the wellness of the earth and environment.

A paperless world ensures a clean and pleasant environment, starting with digitizing the workplace. Switching to a paperless office might seem daunting, but once the transition happens, you will appreciate the exciting benefits it could bring to your organization.

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